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Video: 2.4m X 4.8m Cold Room with Gable Door option, Racking and Ramp.


Our modular built, walk-in cold rooms are available to hire nationwide, for short and term rental periods. We deliver and build our cold stores to wherever you require and in almost any size or configuration.

Key information:

  • Can be built indoors or outdoors
  • Constructed within minutes by our delivery team
  • Available in Fridge or Freeze mode, with a maximum temperature to -23°C
  • 24/7 breakdown support


  • Heavy insulation, wipe clean walls
  • Stainless steel checker plate floor 
  • Commercial refrigeration motor with control panel
  • Internal LED light
  • Lockable door with internal escape lever
  • PVC door screen

Options available:

  • Three width options (1.8m, 2.4m & 4.8m) and unlimited length, in increments of 1.2m
  • Doors available in Standard, Butchers (large single leaf door) or Gable (double door that can fit a pallet through)
  • Racking
  • Ramp
  • Python hole for beer pipes
  • Multi section rooms, with one half set as a fridge and one half set as a freezer, with a separating door


If you need more information, see the Specification and FAQ section below. When you are ready to order, either select from the standard sizes below or if you’d like another size, please contact us. If you need assistance, our team can guide you through the ordering process, from agreeing the right size of cold room storage for you, to handing over to your on-site staff.


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Cold Room hire for events
We have over 50 years’ experience in supplying the UK’s largest events with refrigeration, walk-in cold rooms and freezer storage. Whether you need cold storage for frozen food, prepared food, beer kegs or drinks, we can supply cold rooms in a variety of sizes for short-term event and exhibition hire, with a variety of accessories to ensure the unit is suitable for your use.

Cold Rooms for supermarkets, hospitality and food manufacturing
Jongor walk-in fridges can be used for cold storage for all types of ingredients and food. We supply our cold rooms to bars, restaurants, farm shops, butchers and food production plants, across the UK.

Pharmaceutical and non-food Cold Rooms
Our walk-in cold rooms can store almost anything that requires temperature control from pharmaceutical products to flowers and can be hired on short-term and long-term options, anywhere in the UK. Our units are chemical and pressure cleaned prior to hire and can be set at any temperature down to -23°C.

Cold Rooms for breakdowns or extra capacity
If you experience a breakdown with your existing cold storage, or perhaps you need extra capacity during seasonal peak trading, Jongor Hire can usually deliver the next day and sometimes even the same day. Just give us a call and we will see what we can do.




Please request a Double Gable door and ramp, and then a pallet can fit the door.

Standard sizes of cold rooms are available in the following widths; 6ft (1.8m), 8ft (2.4m) and 16ft (4.8m). Our cold rooms are modular. Length can be increased by 4ft (1.2m) increments. At Jongor Hire, we can design walk-in cold and freezer storage to fit any sizing requirement. Our modular solutions are fully compliant with building regulations and health and safety legislation.

We can build cold rooms almost anywhere inside and outside. If reasonable access is available, we can build inside on any level of a venue. Flat ground is required to build upon as well as a well-ventilated area.

Jongor Hire provide a full build service as standard with every cold room order. Rooms arrive flat packed and are constructed on site by members of our friendly and professional team.

We will create a delivery and collection schedule for your cold room to suit your requirements. We have national coverage and can deliver 24/7. Please note that freezers need to be switched off 24 hours before collection.

Our cold rooms are fully waterproof and designed to work outside on flat ground. Cold rooms are temporary structures. Taping of the seams comes as standard with every build to assist in severe weather conditions. If the Cold Room is placed outside during winter and the external air temperature drops below freezing for a sustained period, then the internal temperature may also drop below freezing as the compressor motors cannot heat the air, therefore the contents of the Cold Room may also freeze.

The compressors are capable of refrigeration or freezer mode and can be set from any temperature from ambient to as low as -23°C. It is possible to select and set your own temperature and we can show you how to do this or we can set it for you if required.

Each compressor motor requires 1 x 16-amp supply and this should ideally come from a 16-amp socket within 10m of the Cold Room location. If you do not have 16-amp sockets, we will supply adaptors to covert from a standard domestic plug to a 16-amp socket. If these adaptors are used, the compressor unit cannot be placed more than 5m away from the plug socket. The number of compressors varies, depending on the size of the room you order. Compressors are included in the cost of each room.

All doors can be opened from the inside so there is no danger of becoming trapped inside.

Each unit is checked before every hire and serviced annualy. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, ensure to keep the door of the cold room closed to keep the temperature down for as long as possible. We always have an engineer on-call to help you with an equipment breakdown. Just call us and we will work with you to turn around the issue as quickly as possible, usually within a couple of hours.

The final cost of hiring a cold storage solution is dependent on several factors including:

  • The length of time, number and size of cold rooms required
  • Delivery, installation and collection
  • Doors, ramps and steps

Speak to one of our sales team experts for a quotation tailored to you. For large, complex setups, a site visit will usually be required before a full quote can be given.

Depending on availability, we can usually have a walk-in cold room delivered and up and running within 24 hours and sometimes the same day.

You can purchase a Cold Room from us if this suits your requirement. If you would like to hire, there is no minimum or maximum hire period at Jongor Hire. Rental of a cold storage solution spreads the cost and reduces risk. We will collect the units on the desired date, meaning no need to look for a buyer, negotiate a sale or have the seller’s liability that the units are safe for sale.


There is no minimum hire period for our cold room solutions.

We will work closely with you to arrange the collection date and will let you know the availability of the units on hire.


Room sizes:

  • Three width options (1.8m, 2.4m & 4.8m) and unlimited length in increments of 1.2m. Either select from the drop down menu or for alternative sizes, please contact us
  • All rooms are are 2.1m high
  • Dimensions are external measurements. For internal dimensions, remove 16cm from the external measurements

Motor specifications:

  • Each walk-in cold room is supplied with a powerful Zanotti compressor motor, cooling the space with high output fans and compressors, expelling hot air to the external environment
  • If the Cold Room is to be sited indoors, there must be adequate ventilation in the room for the expelled hot air to dissipate
  • Larger rooms are supplied with more motors to assist with the cooling. The drop down selection menu to add to your basket states the number of 16 amp (commando socket) power supplies that are required and therefore the number of motors a room requires
  • The power supply must be within 10m from the desired Cold Room location. Cable runs must be made safe by the customer or their contractor
  • If a 16 amp supply is not available, we may be able to use a standard 13A plug socket. In this case the power outlet must not be more than 5m away from the motor and we cannot guarentee that operation of the unit
  • Motors cool to the Cold Rooms to a maximum of -23°C
  • The maximum external temperature required for the motors to operate effectively is 28°C
  • An external control panel allows you to view and select the temperature to the nearest 0.1°C
  • The motors are tested prior to every hire and have 24/7 breakdown assistance whilst on hire

Door specifications:

  • Door width options available:
    • Standard door: 0.8m
    • Double Gable door (split in the middle): 1.4m total width
    • Butchers door (large single leaf door): 1.4m total width
  • All doors:
    • Are 1.9m high and therefore high enough to fit a JackStack through
    • Have internal escape latches so it is not possible to become trapped inside
    • Have large external pull handles for easy opening
    • Are lockable (please ask for a key at delivery)

Panel specifications:

  • High specification insulation
  • Weather proof (if built on a flat surface)
  • Antimicrobial powder coating 
  • Joint-free overlapping walls 
  • Stainless steel, non slip, checker plate floor
  • All panels are cleaned using hot pressurised water, chemicals and mechanical scrubbing prior to every hire

Racking specifications:

  • Racking is supplied as an optional extra
  • For standard kitchen operations we reccommend to have the number of sets of racking to coincide with its length in meters. E.g. a 2.4m length room has 2 sets of racking
  • Racking is 4 shelves high
  • Dimensions: height 1.5m, width 1.2m, depth 0.5m

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