Guide to Refrigeration

Posted on: 2 Jun 2017, by Maria Baker

Guide to Refrigeration

Hiring the correct fridge is a crucial decision for any temporary kitchen, and understanding each fridge type will help you make an informed decision. Our blog will help you understand what refrigeration will suit the requirement and how to ensure it operates to the best of its ability. Let's start with the different types of refrigeration you can hire:


Cold Rooms

Constructed using durable, modular panels, Jongor Hire delivers and installs walk in cold rooms to the Caters specification and schedule.  Each modular panel is 1.2m wide, meaning that these cold rooms can be built in a variety of sizes, suitable for any space. Whether the cold room is to be used for food storage or for kegs, there are a range of accessories available which can assist with your event such as ramps, python holes, barn doors, internal split doors.


Upright Fridges and Freezers

These fridges are used in a variety of catering environments. Available for rental as a gastro fridge or freezer, or a glass fronted fridge (single and double door). The glass fronted fridges are perfect for front of house use, whilst heavy duty stainless steel fridges / freezers work well in a busy kitchen environment.


Counter Fridges

These units are typically waist height, meaning they are designed to double up as a prep fridge and counter top, ideal for those short on space. The counter top is built from stainless steel, making it incredibly durable. These are cool holding units, not refrigeration units.


Undercounter Fridges

Jongor Hire has a range of undercounter fridges, all of which are glass fronted, making them perfect for front of house use. These fridges also provide quick access to stock without obstructing counter space. Offering the ability to display a variety of beverages as the units feature adjustable shelves, making it suitable for both wine bottles and canned drinks.


Multideck displays

Available in variety of sizes, making them suitable for any event which involves selling a variety of pre-packaged food and drinks. These units offer you the space to organise your display, making the merchandise appealing to customers. Both front and rear loading multideck are available, and once stocked, the unit operates without assistance, encouraging self-service purchases, making it the perfect choice for high customer traffic areas.


Serve Over Counters

The range includes chilled island display units, serve overs and hospitality salad bar. These units provide customers with a full view of the merchandise on offer. Larger units mean you are able to offer a variety of meals, enabling you to offer a versatile menu. Perfect for deli and sandwich options.


Chilled Merchandisers

Available in both patisserie units (open and closed options available) and countertop chilled unit, these items are similar to serve over counters. Perfect for caterers looking to serve pastries, cakes, desserts, sandwiches or drinks.



Now you know what fridges we offer, it is important to understand how we get the best of each unit. Whilst the sunshine can be great for business, some refrigeration units can struggle with the warmer weather. Most fridges and freezers will remain operational up to temperatures of 32°C. However, below are some tips to help keep your fridge cool this summer:


Keep the door closed

Every open of a fridge door incurs a temperature loss, so try to keep fridge movements to a minimum and try and close the fridge door as quickly as possible.


Check ventilation

Ventilation to the compressor is an important aspect of a fridges functionality, as a fridge cannot work effectively if there is insufficient air movement. Check that vents are not blocked, especially when building in to counter units. If necessary, ventilate the kitchen area with forced ventilation.


Don't adjust the temperature

If your fridge is running too hot, don’t be tempted to adjust the thermostat. If the temperature is set between 1°C and 4°C, the chances are you will not see any difference if you change the temperature to a lower temperature.


Inside your fridge

If your fridge is full of food or you struggle to close the door, consider re-organisation or moving non-essential items out of the fridge, as this will improve air circulation.



Make sure the refrigeration units are not located near any cooking or hot holding items, as this will have a detrimental effect on the operation of the unit.



All of Jongor’s refrigeration is comprehensively tested prior to every hire. We ensure every item is PAT tested and holds to its desired temperature for at least two hours, so we can ensure that the units will work efficiently throughout the length of their hire. If you require any assistance in choosing refrigeration for your event, or have any other queries we can help with, call 0117 955 6739 to speak to a member of our friendly team today.


  • "I cannot praise Jongor highly enough for the support they provided. Everyone I deal with: transport, technical staff or the office team, are all professional and pro-active. It is a pleasure to do business with them. " - Nancy Mollett, The Celtic Manor Resort
  • "Your service, flexibility and intimate knowledge of our events business are a credit to the team. Without Jongor our events would just not happen." - Jeremy Wood, Absolute Taste
  • "The star asset of their operation was their onsite delivery - no ask was ever too big and no challenge was ever too much. All the equipment arrived in spotless condition and we had no equipment break down." - Sarah May, Brand Events
  • "Jongor are just the best for quality, customer service and delivery." - Robert Goves, Relish Events
  • "Their products are delivered promptly and always in brilliant condition. Every single staff member is always polite, professional and helpful. Their prices are competitive and I would recommend them to anyone." - Lorna Hendey, Amadeus Food
  • "As usual, Jongor were fantastic." - David Wright, Private Hire
  • "Well done team Jongor, you have a winning formula.  " - Peter Curtis-Smith, Fosters Events
  • "Excellent service all round, they were available to discuss and make arrangements during the weekend, efficient and professional in their approach." - Wayne Hadley, Private Hire
  • "I would give Jongor five stars!!!" - Katie Clark, Blue Apple Catering

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