Cabin Kitchens

Code : CAB


Create tailored catering facilities in rigid containers with Cabin Kitchens. Each cabin can be personalised to individual catering requirements from food production to a wash-up facility.


Cabin Kitchens include all features of a permanent kitchen such as air extraction, gas interlock, automatic fire suppression, emergency lighting, stainless steel splashbacks, lockable doors, non-slip floors, floor drains and integrated water heaters. In addition, fire and intruder alarms can be provided as optional extras.


Cabin Kitchens are a sensible alternative to temporary structures or where specific kitchen demands are required, such as fire suppression or air extraction.


The cabin units are available in three sizes and are available in LPG (bottled) gas or Natural (mains) gas options, with single phase or three phase electrical power. Waste water pumps and waste water tanks are available on request for kitchens which do not have a drainage system within the immediate location.


For large scale catering requirements, the Kitchen Cabins can be linked together with weatherproof links to form a combined facility. These units are suitable for medium term to long term solutions, such as kitchen refurbishments, seasonal uplifts in demand and fixed term catering contracts.


Each unit is supplied with a warewashing sink and hand wash sink with hot water as standard, and can have any of the appropriate catering equipment installed to meet the customers’ requirements. CAD scale drawing can be drafted, making it possible to analyse and configure a project before installation. The equipment will be installed and commissioned by Gas Safe® Registered engineers.


Cabin Type Length Depth Height Capacity (approx.)
Companion 4.6m 2.9m 3.0m 120 meals per sitting
Commander 7.6m 2.9m 3.0m 350 meals per sitting
Crusader 8.5m 2.9m 3.0m 410 meals per sitting


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