How to Layout Your Event Kitchen

A well organised kitchen can help increase efficiency, so it is essential for every caterer to get it right. Although many caters have their own layout plans, Jongor have a couple of recommendations and tips to ensure that an event kitchen works well:

  • Consider the flow of the waiting staff; where should the clearing section and hot holding stations be positioned to ensure that there are no bottlenecks.
  • If catering in a marquee, the cooking equipment should ideally be located against the back wall, to ensure that all the pipes are safely situated out the rear of the appliance, and the gas bottles can be stored outside in either a cylinder box or gas cage.
  • Warewashing equipment,or anything with a water supply, should be located against an external wall, so that water pipes can be easily connected. Whilst it is possible to feed water to a piece of equipment in the middle of a marquee, the flooring may need to be altered / drilled to allow this, as pipes cannot run along the kitchen floor. Some marquee companies will charge caters for damage to the marquee and its flooring.
  • Separate sections for fridges are recommended, as if a refrigerated piece of equipment is next to cooking equipment, the fridge may struggle to get down to temperature, especially if the marquee is already warm inside (please note that in the UK, fridges are not normally designed to work in high ambient temperatures).
  • Our Sump Tank and Pump are designed to transport waste water to our waste water tanks. These pumps can transport water up to 60 meters on a flat, horizontal surface.

Our experienced team comprises of knowledgeable, skilled event managers and Gas Safe certified engineers and installers, who will assist with the initial planning of the event right through to delivery. We offer CAD drawings for our clients, so you can envision your kitchen layout whilst considering all aspects of the design to ensure it works well for every member of the catering team. Jongor ensure the finished design will meet the client’s requirements, and comply with any relevant planning regulations and health & safety requirements.

Jongor have a fleet of vehicles and a specialist logistics team, who are experienced in the delivery and collection of catering equipment. In addition, Jongor offer technical support, should a client experience any problems with their equipment during their hire. Jongor can also provide a Standby Engineer for the duration of an event to offer peace of mind to a busy caterer.

If you work within the event and hospitality industry and are looking to hire catering equipment, Jongor have over 40 years’ experience. To find out more and to see how we could help, call 0117 955 6739 to speak to a member of our friendly team today.