Food and Wine Pairings List

As someone very wise once said, sharing is caring, and so we would like to share with you a list of some of the classic pairings that really do seem to have a symbiotic relationship.

  1. Fish and Sauvignon Blanc. Light fish, like Dover Sole or Sea Bass, benefits from a wine that doesn’t overwhelm it, or overshadow the work of the chef (especially if the chef is you). Sauvignon Blanc is the guy for the job, it’s light, dry, and citrusy- meaning it goes particularly well with fish in a lemony sauce.
  2. Beef and Merlot. Beef is a full flavoured, often fatty meat, and as such it needs a wine that is equally as full bodied and includes enough tannins to cut through that fattiness. Merlot is most definitely a voluptuous figure in the world of wine, and has tannins a-plenty, so you can’t really go wrong with this punchy duo. If you’re braising the beef in wine, then try to use a decent bottle, and then you can drink that at the table too. We’d suggest a red Burgundy in this case.
  3. Chicken and Chardonnay. A roast chicken has a distinctive but simple flavour, so you need a wine that’s going to elevate it and add some more flavour. It’s also a light, white meat so goes best with white wine. Chardonnay is quite a versatile wine, and can be drunk with lots of different dishes, but it goes particularly well with chicken because it will add that well needed flavour! It might take you a while to discover a Chardonnay that really works for you though. Chardonnays tend to vary a lot between different wine makers, so here’s your chance to hold an impromptu wine tasting.
  4. Butternut Squash Risotto and Pinot Grigio. For the vegetarians among us, a food and wine pairing that really works. Pinot Grigio is smooth, smooth, smooth. It’s incredibly easy to drink, and won’t overpower a subtle and delicate Risotto.
  5. Cheese and Port. The old classic. There are several different types of port (tawny, ruby etc) so it’s up to you which you prefer to drink. Port goes so well with cheese because its sweetness balances out that salty cheesiness perfectly. Also, port and cheese reminds us of Christmas, so it’s a pairing that will always be a winner! Why not drag out the cheese board, load it up, and charge your glasses.

We hope that these suggestions are helpful, but remember, there’s no need to follow the rules for wine and food pairings if you don’t want to. Pair what you like with what you like, and you’ll be laughing.