Insight on: Cold Rooms

Having the adequate refrigeration is essential to the smooth running of any event. Jongor Hire can assist with all your chiller needs, from large walk in cold rooms to compact under-counter fridges. Cold rooms are perfect for bulk storage requirements, when caterers have a large number of covers to serve at an event.

Jongor Hire can build a cold room in a variety of sizes, making the rooms truly bespoke. The rooms consist of wall panels, floor panels and ceiling panels. Each modular panel is 1.2 meters wide, and cold rooms can start from 2.4 meters x 2.4 metres. This means cold-rooms can be 2.4m x 3.6m, 2.4m x 4.8m, 4.8m x 6m etc. Each unit is installed by a specially trained team, and the rooms can be built both indoors and outdoors.

Racking (shelving) is supplied as standard when a cold room is hired. Each piece of racking is 1.2m long and four shelves high and two sets are supplied for a basic size room. This shelving helps keep food separate, off the floor and reduces the risk of contamination.

Cold room motors, which are the mechanical instrument to cool the unit, are attached to the outside of the room, and require 16 Amp single phase power. Inside the room it is important to ensure that goods are not packed too closely together, and that there is ample space around items to help maintain air circulation. If items are too tightly packed, circulating air will become obstructed and struggle to reach certain spots in the room, creating and uneven temperature. Outside of the room, it is important to have a free flow of fresh air around the motor for it to function effectively. If the ambient temperature of the air being drawn into the motor becomes too high, then the unit will not be able to create cool air for the interior.

It is important to point out that the motors are only chillers, as such, they are not able to produce warm air. For example, if the cold room is being stored outside during the winter when the external air temperature outside drops to -1 °C, the motor will not be able to heat the room to a temperature of 3°C.

Quick Facts:

• Ramps are available on request, allowing you to wheel Jackstacks or deliveries straight into the room.
• Jongor Hire can supply double doors if larger deliveries or pallets need to fit in the cold rooms.
• Planning on keeping kegs in the cold room? Wall panels can be modified to include a python hole.
• A Freezer option is also available, where the temperature can be set as low as -23 °C.

If you require any assistance in choosing refrigeration for your event, or have any other queries we can help with, call 0117 955 6739 to speak to a member of our friendly team today.