8 Tips for a Successful Charity Event

Charity events, whether big or small, take a lot of work- but the rewards reaped for your chosen cause make it all worth it! Jongor can help support your charity event by providing furniture, kitchen equipment and more in addition to providing the following tips for a successful day.

  1. Have a Strong Focus. The most important thing to start off with are clear goals and aims for your event. Which Charity are you supporting? Why? Do you want to raise money, awareness, or both? Having these goals and articulating them to your guests is vital for a successful event, and will help everyone to understand (and appreciate) why they are there.
  2. Stick to a Budget. Budgeting for charity events is even more necessary than it would be for a normal event, because if you are taking expenses out of the money that you raise, then there will be less money left in the pot for your charity if you go over budget.
  3. Have a Target Audience. If there is a specific demographic that you need to get involved in supporting your cause, then make sure the event is tailored to them. Tailoring your event can be done by making careful choices about location, food, beverages, music, and style of event (formal sit down dinner/ canapés and networking etc).
  4. Market it. Sell, sell, sell! The more you market your event, the more attention it will receive, and hopefully this will help to boost how many people hear about your cause and how much you are able to raise. However, it is important to strike a balance when marketing, don’t let your passion for the charity make you pushy because this might put people off.
  5. Plan the Set-Up. Proper planning is the mantra of any event organiser worth his or her salt. Every detail, from the micro to the macro, needs to be planned in order for things to run smoothly and to keep your guests happy. The art of good planning is to make the event look effortless and polished at the same time.
  6. Make it a Night to Remember. Your event needs to stand out to make sure that people remember it, and remember the cause that you are supporting. Try to include a talking point- whether that be some form of entertainment, a memorable and passionate speech being made, or simply the food being exquisite and exciting.
  7. Provide good quality food and drink. Plenty of good quality food and drink will stave off your guests’ hunger, meaning they’ll stay at your event longer! It will also make sure that they feel valued, making the atmosphere more positive and making the event more of a success.
  8. Say Thank-You. Finally, every successful charity event always ends with a thank-you. Your guests didn’t need to be there, and they didn’t need to spend their money, so show them that you are appreciative.