5 Ideas for a Unique and Romantic Dinner Date

Valentine’s Day may have been and gone, but that’s no excuse for you to pack away the romantic gestures for another year! Show your partner just how much they mean to you with an extra special romantic dinner date.

  1. Invent a signature cocktail for your partner. Show your partner just how well you know them by creating a cocktail especially for them. You could do this by combining their favourite ingredients or by using spirits and mixers that symbolise their personality.
  2. Recreate your first date. This one’s all about bringing back the memories of that first time you dined together. Cook the same (or similar) meals that you ate on that day, wear what you wore then (if you still have the clothes!) Are there any particular details you remember from your first date? Which flowers were on the table? What music was playing? The more you can remember, the better you can make this experience for your partner! Use this time to recall how you felt about each other on that day, and all the days afterward.
  3. Serve a meal in the dark. We know this one sounds a little crazy, but having a meal in the dark can really create a fun and unique romantic atmosphere. Having your sight removed means that your other senses are heightened, making the meal come to life. It also means that you won’t be distracted by your surroundings, so you can both focus on each others’ voices, your conversation, and spending quality time together.
  4. Have a picnic. This is all about striping things back to basics. No fuss. No stress. No pressure. Forget the furniture, the posh crockery, the pretence of a swanky meal. Lay out a rug to sit on, make simple food, have a few drinks, and relax in each others’ company. If it’s warm weather then eat al fresco, if it’s a bit too chilly, then set up your picnic the living room. Simple, and all about the memories not the ‘stuff’.
  5. Try something new. Decide on something neither of you have eaten/ cooked before- then make it. Whether it’s getting to grips with making sushi, or grabbing a cook book and picking something at random, by sharing in the discovery of something new, you will be deepening your relationship and cooking something tasty in the process.