Walk In Cold Rooms - Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on: 17 Oct 2019, by Emma Durkin

Walk In Cold Rooms - Frequently Asked Questions

At Jongor Hire, we can design walk-in cold and freezer storage to fit any sizing requirement. Our modular solutions are fully compliant with building regulations and health and safety legislation.

Where are cold rooms frequently used?

  • At supermarkets, bars and restaurants
    To store produce and stock at back of house environments
  • At hospitals, laboratories and other pharmaceutical locations 
    For the safe storage of medicines, vaccines, samples and dental products in the healthcare industry
  • In an emergency 
    When a current cold room solution fails
  • When extra capacity is required
    During peak events or trading seasons
  • At events
    Short-term hire for sporting and hospitality events

What comes as standard in a Jongor Modular Cold Room?

Walk-in modular cold storage solutions can be built to almost any size combination and feature the following as standard:

  • Hard wearing checker plate steel floor
  • Internal lighting
  • Standard door
  • Four tier shelving

Optional extras include double barn doors, ramps, and python panels for bars.

Is it possible to fit a pallet through the door?
Please request a barn door and ramp and a pallet can fit the door.

Is it possible to fit a Jackstack through a standard door?
Yes, please be sure to order a ramp.

Can you provide access steps or ramps if required?
Yes, we can offer these and will be able to advise on what is required after a site inspection. 

What size of walk-in cold rooms are available for hire?
Standard sizes of cold rooms are available in the following widths; 6ft (1.8m), 8ft (2.4m) and 16ft (4.8m). Our cold rooms are modular. Length can be increased by 4ft (1.2m) increments.

Where can you put a walk-in cold room?
We can build cold rooms almost anywhere inside and outside. If reasonable access is available, we can build inside on any level of a venue. Flat ground is required to build upon as well as a well-ventilated area.

Can you help with installation?
Jongor Hire provide a full build service as standard with every cold room order. Rooms arrive flat packed and are constructed on site by members of our friendly and professional team.

Can you help with delivery and collection?
We will create a delivery and collection schedule for your cold room to suit your requirements. We have national coverage and can deliver 24/7. Please note that freezers need to be switched off 24 hours before collection.

Can cold-rooms be left outside?
Our cold rooms are fully waterproof and designed to work outside on flat ground. Cold rooms are temporary structures. Taping of the seams comes as standard with every build to assist in severe weather conditions. If the Cold Room is placed outside during winter and the external air temperature drops below freezing for a sustained period, then the internal temperature may also drop below freezing as the compressor motors cannot heat the air, therefore the contents of the Cold Room may also freeze.

Can I select the temperature?
The compressors are capable of refrigeration or freezer mode and can be set from any temperature from ambient to as low as -23°C. It is possible to select and set your own temperature and we can show you how to do this or we can set it for you if required.

What power supply is required?
Each compressor motor requires 1 x 16-amp supply and this should ideally come from a 16-amp socket. If you do not have 16-amp sockets, we will supply adaptors to covert from a standard domestic plug to a 16-amp socket. If these adaptors are used, the compressor unit cannot be placed more than five metres away from the plug socket. The number of compressors varies, depending on the size of the room you order. Compressors are included in the cost of each room. 

Can you get locked inside?
All doors can be opened from the inside so there is no danger of becoming trapped inside.

What happens if something breaks down during the hire period?
Each unit is checked before every hire and serviced annualy. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, ensure to keep the door of the cold room closed to keep the temperature down for as long as possible. We always have an engineer on-call to help you with an equipment breakdown. Just call us and we will work with you to turn around the issue as quickly as possible, usually within a couple of hours.

How much does a walk-in cold room cost? 
The final cost of hiring a cold storage solution is dependent on several factors including:

  • The length of time, number and size of cold rooms required
  • Delivery, installation and collection
  • Doors, ramps and steps

Speak to one of our sales team experts for a quotation tailored to you. For large, complex setups, a site visit will usually be required before a full quote can be given.

I need cold and/or freezer storage urgently. How quickly can you deliver?
Depending on availability, we can usually have a walk-in cold room delivered and up and running within 24 hours and sometimes the same day.

I need a walk-in cold room for a year, should I just buy one?
You can purchase a Cold Room from us if this suits your requirement. If you would like to hire, there is no minimum or maximum hire period at Jongor Hire. Rental of a cold storage solution spreads the cost and reduces risk. We will collect the units on the desired date, meaning no need to look for a buyer, negotiate a sale or have the seller’s liability that the units are safe for sale.

What is the minimum length of time I can hire a cold room for?
There is no minimum hire period for our cold room solutions.

What if I need to extend the duration of the hire?
We will work closely with you to arrange the collection date and will let you know the availability of the units on hire.

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