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Tableware Guide

Posted on: 11 Feb 2019, by Joe Nisbet

Tableware Guide

This month, we will be taking a look at the themes in Tableware, discussing what’s hot and what’s not, in the Front of House scene. There has been a shifting return to bowl food, since the middle of the decade, as more relaxed dining concepts return to fashion. In addition, rustic and vintage themes have become grown in popularity as designers look for alternative ways to differentiate their offer. In contrast to this, in the fine dining establishments, the design of high quality stemware has changed significantly, meaning a different offer is now seen on the tables.


Meanwhile, media technology has meant consumers are posting photos of their meals on social media, so industry leaders are pushing the boundaries to try to differentiate themselves from their rivals.


With 16 stunning tableware ranges available to hire, Jongor Hire have a wide range to suit many event requirements. The extensive collection includes crockery, cutlery, glassware and buffetware in a variety of styles, suitable for almost all sizes or budget.


Here are some pointers to help guide your Tableware choices:


  • What atmosphere are you looking to create? Understanding your target audience is important; are they looking for something vintage inspired, rustic or classic white? Plain white crockery is a timeless classic. The plain backdrop offers chefs the ability to show off the vibrant colours of their food, whilst looking clean and fresh on the table. As such, plain white china provides the perfect backdrop to any theme. Jongor Hire holds large quantities of plain white crockery – over 100,000 items in total, meaning even the largest of events can be serviced. The range offers durability, quality and style, making them the perfect choice for any event.


  • Choose glassware that suits the personality of the client. It is important to think about durability, style, and replacement cost of the glass. The entry level glassware range (Savoie glass) has a thicker, shorter stem, making it more durable, and offers the lowest replacement cost. If you are looking for a more elegant glass, the Pure range is a striking, contemporary glass, which has been strengthened to ensure double protection against broken stems, although the replacement cost is higher than the entry level range.


  • A selection of glassware will be required for any event to ensure the drinks are flowing. Your table will probably have a wine glasses, water glasses and flutes on the table, as well as a water jug. Bar glassware is also available, including martini, gin and cocktail glasses.


  • Six different cutlery ranges are available to hire, meaning there is something to suit every style. The classic Dubarry features a traditional pattern, whereas the contemporary Bright and Zya feature modern, sophisticated designs. Remember your quantities, for a banqueting style dinner, you may need three different knives and forks.


  • Try not to mix qualities of tableware – don’t hire high end cutlery with entry level glassware; Moods can be easily changed by keeping classical plain white pieces, and adding beautiful cutlery and glassware.


The most important thing of all, is to enjoy this process. Take your time, get inspiration and get advice. If you need any assistance, then our friendly office team will be happy to offer help.

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  • "Their products are delivered promptly and always in brilliant condition. Every single staff member is always polite, professional and helpful. Their prices are competitive and I would recommend them to anyone." - Lorna Hendey, Amadeus Food
  • "I cannot praise Jongor highly enough for the support they provided. Everyone I deal with, whether it be transport, technical staff or the office team, are all professional and pro-active. It is a pleasure to do business with them. " - Nancy Mollett, The Celtic Manor Resort
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  • "As usual, Jongor were fantastic." - David Wright, Private Hire
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  • "Jongor offers a really wide selection of items, so it’s easy to find a range that suits each clients’ needs, and we are always pleased with the service we receive from our Account Manager. " - Alice Peacock, Alastair Currie Events
  • "Thank you for your good service. " - David Priddle, The Bristol Model Railway Exhibition

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