Cutlery Hire

Our ranges of cutlery have been carefully chosen to compliment almost any style of function. The Dubarry pattern cutlery has a simple more traditional design, whilst Virtu cutlery is a contemporary design featuring a novel knife design.

Our cutlery is cleaned and then put through our polishing machine before being hygienically packed ready for use. Once you have finished with the cutlery return it to the plastic boxes.
Browse our range of cutlery by clicking the images below.

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Magnum Cutlery

Code : MSS
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Zya Cutlery

Code : XSS
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Bright Cutlery

Code : BSS
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Ellipse Cutlery

Code : ESS
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Zephyr Cutlery

Code : ZSS
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Virtu Cutlery

Code : VSS
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Dubarry Cutlery

Code : DSS
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Sundae Spoon

Code : KE100
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Steak Knife

Code : GSS34
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Cheese Knife

Code : ZSS28
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Diaz Bowl Fork

Code : DZZ14
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Kings Wedding Cake Knife

Code : KSS32