Clearing Equipment Hire

Our functional back-of-house range comprises well-designed, durable, industry-leading products that are able to withstand the high capacity requirements of event sites. The range of clearing trolleys, cutlery trays, and waste and bottle bins are selected from only the best brands, using the most durable materials and parts. Use of our clearing products can reduce manpower and space requirements on site, therefore reducing overheads.

All our trays, trolleys and plastic bins will arrive clean and ready for immediate use.

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Bottle Box

Code : CLE26
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Bullet Bin

Code : CLE19
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Free Standing Sack Holder

Code : CLE06
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Bottle Trolley

Code : CLE18
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Cafeteria Tray

Code : CLE16
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Clearing Trolley

Code : CLE05
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Cutlery Tray

Code : CLE12
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Large Black Plastic Bin

Code : CLE20