Beverage & Water Boiler Hire

Jongor Hire stock the highest capacity water boilers in the industry for mass delivery of refreshments – while also offering low capacity units to suit smaller events and equipment breakdowns. We offer a range of gas and electric, manual and auto-fill water boilers and coffee percolators.

Choose from large 30-gallon boilers, autofill boilers, standard water boilers, propane water boilers, insulated plastic urns and teapots. We also stock coffee percolators with capacity for 100 cups. Most units require mains water, so please do check prior to ordering, or please ask one of our team if you need assistance.

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Juice Urn

Code : SBE
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Chilled Drinks Dispenser

Code : CDD
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90 Litre Boiler

Code : BOL30
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Autofill Boiler

Code : AFB
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Coffee Perculator 100 cup

Code : SBE20
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Coffee Stand & Serve Double 20 cup

Code : SBE24
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Insulated Urn Plastic

Code : SBE14
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Water Boiler

Code : SBE06