New Products This Season

On Trend Tableware

Rustic Crockery

Add colour to the table with sand coloured rustic plates and bowls. The natural shapes and earthy shade create the perfect backdrop for fresh, homemade meals.

Mini Skillets

Made of verified stoneware, these vintage mini skillets are designed to emulate enamel coated stainless steel. Imperfections are painted into the glaze so that each item is truly unique. These skillets are ideal for serving tapas, consommé and dessert, and are a great contrast to traditional crockery.

Gin Glass

These new large 24oz gin glasses are perfect for serving Gin & Tonic’s in premium bar and drink reception environments. The oversized balloon allows the botanical aromas to flourish, and ensures there is ample space for gin, tonic, botanicals, ice and garnishes.

Temptation Glass

The Temptation wine glass is modern yet elegant, whilst being hardwearing and long lasting. Featuring a tall, thin stem and a large bowl, this luxury glass allows wine to breathe and develop its full taste. This glass is a great alternative for high end requirements, where a finer glass is required.

Royal Sleigh Platter

These contemporary white royal sleigh platters are ideal for canapes, table service or buffets and feature curved edges for easy of carrying. They are lightweight and easy to grip so excellent for high output environments.

Vertigo Glass Bowl

Perfect for sit down meals or buffet dining, these stylish dessert glasses elegantly display various layers of food, making them ideal method for serving starters, desserts or an amuse bouche. This new range replaces the Cometa Dessert Glass.

Large Round Bowl

Perfect for displaying a variety of foods, these large white bowls are ideal for table service or a buffet layup. The classic, uncomplicated style will enhance any event.

Kitchen Essentials

Pass Through Heated Displays

Designed to fit on a central service counter and hold cooked food, such as fish and chips, burgers and pastries, at the correct temperature and humidity. This heated display has the ability to hold six 1/1 gastronorms, giving ample serving space. Hot food can be loaded in the kitchen and served from the front of the unit, so are ideal for high output events where the theatre and speed need to be combined.

Contact Grill

Perfect for temporary cafes, bakeries and event kitchens, these grills are designed for a high output of grilled bread products (e.g. paninis, toasted sandwiches), meat products and poultry. Featuring a smooth base plate and a ribbed top plate which heats quickly and efficiently with the aid of a precise thermostat.

Chip Dump

Ideal for busy catering environments, the chip scuttle is an essential for storing a large amount of chips, fries, onion rings or wedges. The units feature two heat sources (overhead lamps and below the gantry) which help maintain a constant temperature.

Vac Pack Machines

Designed to use with water baths and sous vide machines, these high capacity Vacuum Packer machines from Sammic are incredible reliable and robust. The units are equipped with a 465mm double seam which enables a strong closure, preventing contamination or leakage.

Chilled Drinks Dispenser

Chill and store 12 litres of cold beverages including milk, fruit juice and soft drinks with this chilled drinks dispenser. The gentle stirring paddle and non-drip stainless steel tap help minimise waste, and make the unit ideal for buffets and self-service use.

Refrigerated Topper

Offering hygienic refrigerated storage for a variety of ingredients including cheese, vegetables and cooked meats, these units store four gastronorm pans, making them ideal for use in temporary kitchens, pizzerias and sandwich outlets.


Cook and hold food safely with these dual compartment Alto-Shaams. These units combine Halo-Heat technology, which provides a gentle precise heat, with energy efficiency. Each compartment can hold four 1/1 gastros, and a capacity of 54kg. A great tool for overnight cooking for pulled pork.


If you require any assistance in choosing any items for your event, or have any other queries we can help with, contact us to speak to a member of our friendly team today.